Ten questions to ask a  renovations contractor before committing to the project.

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May 7, 2015
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Before starting any renovations project, it’s important to get as much information about you contractor-to-be. Knowing which questions to ask can help you choose that all-star contractor you’ve been looking for.

1. What services do you provide? Do these services include design, needs assessment, permit applications and/or inspections?

2. What types of renovations do you specialize in? Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, other?

3. What kind of licensing/insurance do you have?

4. Do you provide a written contract and how does your pricing and payment structure work?

5. Do you have references that I can contact to ask questions about you and your firm?

6. What forms of communication do you provide to your clients? How often are you available to discuss my project’s needs?

7. Who and what level of supervision will be on hand to ensure that my project is completed to my satisfaction?

8.What warranties are offered on my project?

9.  What can I expect in regards to how my project will unfold? Do you have a start date, a time line, and an expected finish date?

10. Why should I choose you over another contractor?

Arm yourself with information before making a decision on a contractor. Otherwise, you may be basing your decision solely on pricing, and the price you pay speaks nothing of the quality and experience of your renovation project.