Because Everyone Meets in the Kitchen……

Where do you find the person you’re looking for? In the kitchen! Where’s the homework being done? On the kitchen counter! Where’s the dog? In a basket in a corner, or more likely, under your feet. All this and meal preparation too. No wonder smart decisions about a new kitchen are so critical. At Nord Alta, we help clients make these design/build decisions all the time.

Nord Alta Kitchen Renovation Process

  • Your Own Personal Renovation Research & Planning Stage

    What kind of kitchen do you want? Do you want a central island? What lighting? What flooring? These are things you need to consider in developing your own ideas.

  • Meet with Nord Alta for a Kitchen Renovation Project Estimate

    Nord Alta can help you come up with plans and options for your kitchen. We sit down with you to evaluate your project, make suggestions, and give you cost estimates.

  • Kitchen Renovation Planning Process (Including Accessibility Planning)

    Does it flow? Is it congested? Is it an older home requiring new plumbing, electrical and insulation? Will it need barrier free access due to the health issues of an aging parent?

  • Getting Permits & Ordering Materials for Your Kitchen Renovation

    Your new kitchen has been designed by you and Nord Alta, all applicable building permits have been applied for, and the materials (flooring, appliances, counters/cabinets, etc) are ready for delivery.

  • "De-Construction" of Your Existing Kitchen

    The first stage of the actual renovation involves tearing out the old kitchen and disposing of all materials that cannot be reused. We promise we’ll keep disruption to a minimum.

  • Kitchen Transformation Process – The Construction Process

    Once we destroy your kitchen we put it together again with new countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting. If you had to leave during construction, we let you back in.

  • Final Kitchen Renovation Walkthrough

    You get to see your new kitchen up close and personal. We take you through it, showing you what we’ve renovated, how things work, special features and so on.

  • The Hug

    Our goal is to have you so happy about your kitchen renovation, you’ll want to give us a hug.

Boy, Do We Love Kitchen Renovations!

Should I come up with designs before contacting you to start my kitchen renovation?

If you feel comfortable drawing out some ideas for a new kitchen, then do so. However, it's not necessary for you to come up with drawings. It is useful, however, to have answers to important questions around usage, styles, and overall expectations. Some great questions to consider are:
  • Who will use the kitchen? Who does the cooking?
  • Do you entertain large parties? Or entertain in the kitchen?
  • Are there any mobility or height issues?

Are there elements that should be considered in every kitchen renovation?

When retrofitting a kitchen for today's needs there are a couple of elements that are often overlooked and should be included, even if you are only replacing cabinets:
If the existing cabinets are mounted on the outside walls and you home is pre 1970, this is the very best time to upgrade that wall insulation. The benefits are tremendous with today's energy prices.
Many older homes pre-date the use of small appliances and the electrical requirements are often insufficient. It's also a great time to revisit your kitchen lighting, especially around food preparation areas. Under-cabinet lighting, above-cabinet indirect lighting, pot lights, or traditional fixtures are all available. And consider new LED light fixtures for energy savings.

Should we continue to live in the building while it's under construction?

The size of the renovation and the impact on your living and sleeping quarters will ultimately dictate whether or not you can continue to live there through the construction process:
  • If there are structural changes or if insulation or drywall is used, it would be smart to move to a safer environment.
  • You may sacrifice private time with your family with construction under way.

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