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Bathrooms are private spaces. They tend to be spartan, with little spark to them. Many look dingy and outdated, not a space you want to spend time in. How things have changed. Families want larger bathrooms with more room to move around. And even if that space is restricted, Nord Alta can show you what a bathroom can be.

We Love Edmonton Bathroom Renovations

  • Your Own Personal Renovation Research & Planning Stage

    What kind of bathroom do you want? Is yours large or small? What kind of tub/shower? Accessibility an issue? These things you need to consider in developing your own ideas.

  • Meet with Nord Alta for a Bathroom Renovation Project Estimate

    Nord Alta can help you come up with plans and options for your bathroom. We sit down with you to evaluate your project, make suggestions, and give you cost estimates.

  • Bathroom Renovation Planning Process (Including Accessibility Planning)

    Your bathroom should be beautiful. It must also be safe. No skid, no slip flooring, easy access to showers and bathtubs, and safety bars for anyone with health issues.

  • Getting Permits & Ordering Materials for Your Bathroom Renovation

    Your new bathroom is a joint project designed by you and Nord Alta. All applicable building permits have been applied for, and the materials are scheduled for delivery. This includes vanities, tubs & showers, flooring, and fixtures.

  • "De-Construction" of Your Existing Bathroom

    The first stage of renovation involves tearing out showers, toilet and cabinets and disposing of all materials that cannot be reused. We promise we won’t leave a mess.

  • Bathroom Transformation Process – The Construction Process

    Once we destroy your bathroom we put it together again with new showers, vanities, toilet and lighting. If you had to leave during construction, we let you back in.

  • Final Bathroom Renovation Walkthrough

    You get to see your new bathroom up close and personal. We take you through it, showing you what we’ve renovated, how things work, special features and so on.

  • The Hug

    Our goal is to have you so happy about your new bathroom renovation, you’ll want to give us a hug.

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Important Bathroom Remodeling Questions

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Edmonton

Bathroom renovations in Edmonton have risen significantly in 2021 because of increases in material costs. Plan for a full bathroom renovation to start at $20,000 and increase based on size, your style, and level of luxury desired.

Are there elements you need to consider when renovating a bathroom?

The three most important items to consider when renovating a bathroom are:
Do you have small children or pets that require the use of a bathtub or would a walk in shower with a bench be more appropriate to your lifestyle?
Do you require a comfort-height toilet with grab bars to assist with using the toilet? In fact, consider installing grab bars in strategic locations to help prevent a slip or a fall. Make sure the floor is non slip, non skid.
Moisture control
Ensure that proper ventilation and waterproofing are used to prevent mold and mildew from causing problems in your bathroom.

Will I be able to use my bathroom during the renovation?

Depending on the scope of your bathroom renovation, you may or may not have use of your toilet, sink, or shower/bathtub for a period of time. If you only have one bathroom in your home, arrangements will need to be made ahead of time to ensure that you still have access to a shower and a toilet.

Are there other factors that can affect how my bathroom renovation unfolds?

The age of the home and the last time the bathroom was renovated could determine whether you need to upgrade the electrical or plumbing. As well, materials chosen for the project could affect how long the project takes to complete. A good example of this would be a solid surface counter top. The top has to be templated after the vanity is installed. This generally adds a couple of weeks to the renovation process.

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