Looking for a First Rate Commercial Contractor?

You run a good business. It’s supported you well over the years. There are a few things you want to do, to make it look better or work better. Maybe put in some dividers or storage areas. Maybe the entrance needs improving. Maybe it needs better windows, or doors, or signage. At Nord Alta we deliver both expertise and value to clients across Edmonton. Call us to discuss your needs.

Nord Alta Commercial Renovation Process

  • Your Own Business Research & Planning Stage

    You’ve got ideas to improve your place of business. You’ve noted them down. You may have sketched them out. Planning beforehand is smart. Now you need feedback.

  • Meet with Nord Alta for a Renovation Project Estimate

    Robert and Michael at Nord Alta will sit down with you, make suggestions, and give you cost estimates.

  • Commercial Renovation Planning Process (Including Accessibility Planning)

    Together we’ll come up with an agreed upon design or plan. We also factor in any arrangements to accommodate those with accessibility issues, now often required by law

  • Getting Permits & Ordering Materials for Your Renovation

    Plans for your commercial space have been prepared, all applicable building permits have been applied for, and the materials are ready for delivery

  • Preparing Your Existing Areas

    Based on the plans, we take steps to handle any materials not required by either reusing them or disposing of them. We minimize any disruption to your daily business

  • Commercial Transformation Process – The Construction Process

    Nord Alta’s master craftsmen and sub-trades follow the plans and create a commercial space that meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • Final Commercial Renovation Walkthrough

    You walk through the finished renovation. We’ll show you the improvements we’ve made to your business. Our goal? Help deliver the results you’re looking for.

Important Commercial Renovation Questions

Should I contact my insurance company during a renovation?

Absolutely. Make them aware of the project. Also ask if it will require any further coverage. You should also make sure that the contractor you are hiring is insured for general liability and workman's compensation.

Should I come up with designs before contacting you to start my commercial renovation?

Yes. Commercial renovation and construction projects require additional planning, engineering, and/or designs. The more information you can provide in regards to your project, the easier it is to come up with an overall project scope and reasonable timeline for completion.

When is the best time of year to get started on a renovation?

The best time is now. Although some things, such as exterior painting, are best left to warmer weather, most renovations can occur year round. Even window and door replacements can be done in the winter. Installations are planned to minimize the time the interior of your home is exposed to cold weather.

Are there elements that should be considered in every commercial renovation?

The size of the renovation and the impact that it will have on your building usability will ultimately dictate whether or not you can continue to work there through the construction process. Small projects can usually be completed with minimal interruption to your building or your staff. And if necessary Nord Alta Construction can work on projects after hours to minimize the impact.

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