Renovate to Enjoy Your Home Longer & Help You Stay Safe

CMHC (Canada’s Mortgage and Housing Corporation) has set out guidelines for accessibility issues, especially to prevent injuries, such as falls, that happen all too often to seniors. You can access the guidelines here.

Nord Alta follows these guidelines. At the same time we focus on design that clients enjoy, utilizing the highest quality materials your home requires.

Accessible home entry

We ensure that your entrance doorway threshold allows you to leave and return home easily and safely.

Nord Alta Accessibility Renovation Process

  • Your Own Personal Renovation Research & Planning Stage

    With accessibility issues, especially as you age, it’s smart to begin planning in advance. What will you need or have to consider? The earlier you think about it, the better.

  • Meet with Nord Alta for an Accessibility Renovation Project Estimate

    Nord Alta can help you develop optimal accessibility plans. We sit down with you to evaluate your project, and provide cost estimates. We’ve had to do it in our own home.

  • Barrier Free Renovation Planning Process

    We make sure that all accessibility issues are addressed, that all applicable building permits have been applied for, and materials ready for delivery

  • Getting Permits & Ordering Materials for Your Accessibility Renovation

    We work with products and materials that meet or exceed industry standards. In particular walk-in showers, safety bars, slip resistant floor surfaces, chairlifts and ramps.

  • "De-Construction" of Areas of the Home

    This stage involves reworking every area so it is barrier free and you can move around easily. Doors widened, thresholds lowered, walk-in shower, wheelchair friendly

  • Barrier Free Transformation Process – The Construction Process

    We put in furnishings, equipment and safety components that meet CMHC standards and your personal needs. We deal with access to a second floor or basement if required.

  • Final Accessibility Renovation Walkthrough

    You get to walk or “wheelchair” around your home to see how well it meets your needs. We show you what renovations we’ve done, how things work, special features and so on.

  • The Hug

    Our goal is to have you so happy about your accessibility renovation by Nord Alta, you’ll want to give us a hug, either standing, or from your wheelchair.

Barrier Free Renovations By The Numbers

Should I come up with designs before contacting you to start my barrier free renovation?

It's not only important to consider you current needs for accessibility, but it's also important to anticipate your future needs. Nord Alta Construction will discuss each room in your house - kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom, entrances, and more - to make sure your renovation covers all areas of accessibility for your family.

Are there elements that should be considered in every barrier free renovation?

When retrofitting a barrier free space there are a number of elements that must be considered:
Access to other areas of the home
If the home is all on one floor then it’s important to clear away obstacles to clear flow. You want wider doorways, no cabinets or counters that stick out, thresholds that allow smooth movement from one room to another, or to the outside. If the home has a second floor and a basement and access is required, do you consider a chairlift? What other options might you have, such as relocating a washer-dryer from the basement to the main floor?
Is there easy access to the front door, or to a garden, or a garage? Is there a level walkway available from the home to the sidewalk? Is a ramp required? What about railings? These are some of the issues that should be addressed

Should we continue to live in the building while it's under construction?

The size of the renovation and the impact that it will have on your living and sleeping quarters will ultimately dictate whether or not you can continue to live there through the construction process. With barrier free renovations it may be possible to do the required work in stages, allowing you to stay in the home during the renovations.

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