Basements – a Space Just Waiting for an Opportunity

You need more space. You have this large underutilized place called a basement. You’ve often wondered whether it could be the answer.At Nord Alta we’ve proven to customers just how valuable and versatile their basement can be. We’ve built play areas, entertainment centers, spare bedrooms and bathrooms, offices and exercise areas.

We’d be delighted to help put your basement to use. We have the expertise, the design skills and specialty sub trades. And a ton of experience.

Nord Alta Basement Renovation Process

  • Your Own Personal Renovation Research & Planning Stage

    What function should your basement fulfill? A basement suite, recreation/play area, home office? How “finished” is your basement now? Sketch out your ideas.

  • Meet with Nord Alta for a Basement Renovation Project Estimate

    Basements are tricky. We know from experience. Moisture, ceiling height, pillars all make a difference. We work with you, make suggestions, and give you cost estimates.

  • Basement Renovation Planning Process (Including Accessibility Planning)

    We work with basements old and new, half finished, in great shape, or nothing done. We assess the work required, and if accessibility’s an issue, how best to handle it.

  • Getting Permits & Ordering Materials for Your Basement Renovation

    Plans for your new basement have been prepared, all applicable building permits have been applied for, and the materials are ready for delivery.

  • “De-Construction” of Your Existing Basement

    The first renovation stage involves tearing out partitions or other construction and disposing of materials that cannot be reused, without leaving a disruptive mess.

  • Basement Transformation Process – The Construction Process

    Stage two requires basic work on floors and walls in terms of moisture proofing and basic foundation work. Once completed, planned renovation and remodeling can begin.

  • Final Basement Renovation Walkthrough

    You get to walk through your new basement, and how it will function. We’ll show you what we’ve renovated, handicap access, how things work, special features and so on.

  • The Hug

    Our goal is to have you so happy about your basement renovation, you’ll want to give us a hug when it's finished.

Masters of Dungeons...Basements

Important Basement Renovation Questions

Are there elements that should be considered in every basement renovation?

When renovating a basement, it's important to determine how the basement is going to be used. If you plan on including a bedroom or two in the basement, the windows must be large enough to meet building code for egress purposes. If you are looking at turning your basement into a secondary suite, there are many alterations to the space that may need to be made to meet the proper building codes.

Should I come up with designs before contacting you to start my basement renovation?

If you feel comfortable drawing out some ideas for a new basement, then by all means. However, it's not necessary for you to come up with drawings. It is useful, however, to go through and put together a wish list of things you'd like to see in your basement. This information will help us come up with a basement design that is right for you.

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