Blackmud Creek Kitchen Renovation
April 25, 2016
What to expect from my home renos?
May 4, 2016

Let’s face it. Not every home has the space necessary for a kitchen that functions as the jack-of-all-trades space for cooking, dining and entertaining. Does this sound like your kitchen? Fear not. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your small kitchen renovation.

Choosing how you use your kitchen

Are you a closet master chef that spends more time than the average person at the supermarket choosing the perfect veggies for your evening meal? Or, are you on a first name basis with the pizza delivery guy? Determining how you use your kitchen will go a long way into creating the perfect design for your lifestyle. If you are an avid cook, squeezing out as much counter space might be a priority. If Mac & Cheese is more your style, maybe you should consider sacrificing that counter space for a pantry unit.

Check out all of the cool storage options

Nowadays, the options for how you can store pots, pans, boxes, and cans are endless. Built in spice rack? Check. Pull out waste bins? Check. Space age corner cabinets that unfold like origami? Check. Their are a lot of unique and interesting ways to add extra storage when you don’t necessarily have the space for more cabinetry. A well designed small kitchen should include some of these features.

Lighten it up

A lot of small kitchens suffer from the “my small kitchen LOOKS really small” syndrome. Why? Quite often it’s because they are dark. By including light or bright colors in your color schemes, you can give the illusion that your kitchen has more of a presence. As well, a better layout of your kitchen lighting will go a long way to giving the appearance of a big kitchen. Consider adding some under cabinet lighting and, if possible, a good source of natural lighting.

Consider your appliances

If you plan on keeping your existing appliances, remember to plan around them in order to optimize your kitchen layout. If you’re buying new ones, again, there are a lot of options out there help with your perfect design. Consider items like counter depth refrigerators, wall ovens, built in cook tops, and over the range microwaves to maximize the space you can save.

Just remember, the most important thing is to make the kitchen yours. Just because a kitchen is small in size doesn’t mean it can’t leave a huge impression.