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December 2, 2017
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January 29, 2018

Open a kitchen design magazine or check out a gallery of kitchen photos and one thing you’ll notice is that many kitchen featured include an island. Why an island you ask? Well, here are three great reasons for having one in your kitchen.

Extra counter top space

Almost everyone wants one in their home for the extra counter top space that it brings to the kitchen. A modest sized kitchen island can add up to 50% of the usable kitchen counter top space that one has in their home. This extra space is handy when doing some baking or preparing that holiday meal for family and friends.

An island also functions as work space.

Dependent on the size and design, an island can become an important informal area for children to do their homework while mom or dad is preparing dinner. Or, you might use it as a place to tackle that paperwork that needs to be done, such as paying bills.

An island adds more storage space to your kitchen.

An island can make for additional under counter storage space. It’s easy to incorporate storage for pots and pans but there are many other storage ideas that can be made easy that people don’t often think of. Pull out waste bins, a pull out microwave oven, or a dedicated spice rack are nifty add-ons in an island that give it that little bit of extra functionality.

Stuck on how to incorporate an island in your kitchen renovation, ask us how.