Do you need a permit to renovate a kitchen?

If your kitchen renovation will change the structure of your home, then you’ll likely need a permit to renovate in Edmonton. Permit requirements vary by city and province. However, you can expect to need a permit for any largescale renovation, including removing walls, adding windows, etc. As well, renovations that deal with wiring, plumbing or natural gas will also require a permit. In these cases, specific permits are required in addition to your building permit. The purpose of these permits is to guarantee that your renovation, and your renovation contractor, comply with provincial codes and bylaws. Keep in mind that, as the homeowner, it falls on you to apply for and receive the permits you require for your home renovation. Luckily, in Alberta, it isn’t too difficult to figure out how and where to apply for permits to renovate your home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the renovation specialists at Nord Alta.