Should I build a main floor addition, or should I add a second story?

The first thing to consider is the residence and the property on which it’s located. If your property is within a city or town, there could be restrictions, such as the square footage of the buildings allowed on the property as a percentage of the land available. With most property in the Edmonton area, a property owner is allowed to build site coverage of 40%, of which 28% is the main residence and the other 12% would be for outbuildings such as a garage. In most situations this percentage is well within what most homes are originally designed for, although with lot setbacks and side yard setbacks, driveways and easements, it takes careful planning to fit the home within the existing lot, especially if the lot is pie shaped or irregular. Other things to take into consideration might be living in a mature neighborhood where you may face demands to conform to existing architecture or the historical flavor of the neighborhood. Once you have determined how much room is available to develop, it makes sense to sit down with your family and discuss your family's needs, wants, and other factors that you will have to consider when planning an addition.