What are the different kinds of windows to choose from, and how do they differ in price and performance?

Essentially there are three types of windows available today – vinyl, fiberglass and wood metal clad. Vinyl The most common, mainly due to cost. Being inexpensive to build, vinyl windows are quite reasonably priced. The disadvantage is that vinyl can’t handle a lot of weight so they do have size limitations. Fiberglass Superior to vinyl in that the frames are very strong, they can support much more weight. If color on the exterior is required, a generous color selection is usually available. Some manufacturers even laminate a pine veneer on the inside to simulate a wood window. Cost is generally somewhere in the middle and performance is considered good. Wood Metal Clad Can usually fit most budgets depending on the features chosen. With these windows you get the natural beauty of wood, with different wood species available. Wood lends itself to some intricate milling that vinyl or fiberglass does not. If your decorating budget calls for stained wood, this is the product for you. Most wood windows come with metal clad on the exterior for a good color selection and a maintenance free exterior. Any of the above products are more than acceptable for either new home construction or replacement. At Nord Alta, we suggest that the customer always look for an Energy Star Rated window product with the following options: Low-E coatings, argon gas filled, and triple glazing.