Nord Alta’s Pledge
July 12, 2012
July 30, 2012

The Apprentice comes to Nord Alta

Okay, so, Donald Trump will not be firing anyone at Nord Alta any time soon, but a new apprentice has appeared in our company’s office. Michael Breault, has been accepted at an apprentice carpenter through the Government of Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training Program. This program involves four years of training under a journeyman carpenter along with eight weeks of class and workshop instruction each year. “Construction is in my blood. I want to follow in Robert’s footsteps and help guide Nord Alta into a successful future. This future includes the legacy and tradition of Nord Alta’s values combined with new, fresh ideas to give a great experience and value for our clients.”

 So, who has kindly taken Michael under his wing and offered to train him? Why, his father, Robert, of course. When asked about how he felt training under his father, Michael answered, “ I spent 12 years of public education and 4 years of post secondary education trying to hide my report card from my dad, and now he’s the one giving me the grades.” Good luck Michael.