October 2, 2012
November 7, 2012
October 2, 2012
November 7, 2012

Hammer & Nails at the Delton Cabinet Innovation Showcase

Robert and I got the chance to tour the shop floor of Delton Cabinets on September 21, 2012, for their Cabinet Innovation Showcase and we liked what we saw. In addition to seeing the shop floor, booths from various counter top, cabinet accessories, and cabinet hardware were set up so that we could see the latest and greatest in cabinets. Here are a few things that we really liked.

First Stop, Front Step Forge

The first person that I spoke to at the showcase left a big impression. Shawn Cunningham, from Front Step Forge, is a blacksmith who makes beautiful pieces of art out of metal the old fashioned way, with a hammer and an anvil. At the showcase, we were able to see a wine room gate that he crafted for Delton’s showroom. He also produces a lot of decorative support brackets for Delton’s Cabinets. Pictured above are a few of the interesting pieces we saw.

Eating off of the Concrete

Next up, we stopped in and spoke to Gary Martin from Clays Concrete Counter Tops. Yes, that’s right. They make countertops out of concrete. The concrete is poured into a form specifically shaped for your countertop and after it has hardened, it is ground down and buffed to produce a gorgeous looking pattern. Not only does Clays Concrete Counter Tops do kitchen counter tops, but they can also do other applications such as fireplaces and vanity tops with sinks.

Glass like you’ve never seen it before

Panache Ceramics was our next stop. We didn’t actually speak with anyone at their booth because we were too busy oohing and ahhing over their glass countertops and backsplashes. With a little research after the show, I found out that they can produce just about any color with a huge variety of textures. My favorite (and unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of it) was the one of the kitchen displays in Delton’s Showroom. The backsplash in the kitchen was made of glass that looked like fire. It made the kitchen look like there were eight chefs working there to create a seven course meal at very fancy restaurant.

Color changing countertops & Real wood appeal

A visit to Flo Form’s booth got me into a lengthy discussion with Aaron Woods about counter tops that change colour using LED lights under translucent Corian. The effect is very cool. If you got tired of your white countertop, just turn on the LED lights and suddenly your countertop is blue. We didn’t get into all of the color lightning options, but I imagine that there is a hot pink countertop out there somewhere. We also looked at some beautiful wood countertops. If you know anything about me, you know that I love the look of wood.

Delton’s finest

Finally, we had an opportunity to meet with a few of Delton’s cabinet makers. They showed us some of the doors that they made and, by far, my favorites were the raised panel doors made of maple. The craftsmanship was fantastic and it makes looking at cabinet doors at your local big box retailer really hard to do. When it comes time to redo my kitchen, I know exactly where I’ll be going.

Walking around the shop floor at the Delton Innovation Showcase certainly was a treat for Robert and I. We’d like to thank Delton for the wonderful opportunity and we look forward to seeing what they have in store next year.

Michael Breault is a project coordinator for Nord Alta Construction. You can find the company website at www.nordalta.com. You can also find Michael and Nord Atla Construction on facebook at www.facebook.com/NordAltaConstruction, on twitter at www.twitter.com/Nordalta, and on LinkedIn.