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March 9, 2013
March 29, 2013

Products we think you’ll like – Tubular daylighting systems

Without a doubt, one of the hardest things to overcome in Edmonton is the weather. During the winter months temperatures fall to uncomfortable levels and the lack of natural sunlight causes a lot of people to start taking vitamin D tablets. For some people, this lack of sunlight can cause lethargy, sleeplessness, and depression. To combat the lack of natural light during the winter months, some people have turned to adding a new product to their home: A tubular daylighting system.

The idea of bringing more natural light into your home is not a new one, but traditional methods always seem to have some problems. Skylights are expensive to install and they could easily leak if not installed correctly. Extra windows in your home provide a lot more light, but in Edmonton’s cold weather conditions, this means spending more on your heating bill. A tubular daylighting system might be a solution that could overcome these issues.

A tubular daylighting system is a device that channels sunlight through a tube into a room in your home. The system starts with a dome at the top, that sits on your roof. This dome collects light, and focuses it down a reflective tube that goes through your roof and into the room that you are lighting. The benefit of this system is that the smaller profile of the dome, compared to a skylight, means that snow has less chance to build up on your roof and cause problems with leaking. As well, you’re not cutting out a large hole to put in a skylight. A typical tubular daylighting device is 10 or 14 inches in diameter.

So what are the benefits of putting in a tubular daylighting system? For starters, it’s a lot more inexpensive that installing a new skylight or adding a new window to your home. A skylight or a window requires more demolition, additional framing and a lot of finishing. It’s a lot less of a labour intensive venture and it could take as little as half a day to put one in.

As well, a tubular daylighting system is a green product. The extra natural light that they provide all year round means less time using your indoor lights. Even of cloudy days, there is sufficient natural light to reduce the amount of time you would turn on you indoor lights. This means, of course, saving money on your energy bill.

And finally, the natural light provided by the tubular daylighting system helps to fight off the dreary feelings you get when there is not enough day time light during the winter months. the extra light will help you to feel better throughout the cold winter months.

If you’re thinking about brightening up your home, you should consider a tubular daylighting system.

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