June 27, 2013
July 15, 2013
June 27, 2013
July 15, 2013

An article I read last week on the changing trends in new home construction got me thinking about how the trends are changing on the renovation side of home construction. We’re not talking about what colours are in vogue this season, but the larger gradual changes that say, “that house was built in the last 5 years rather than the beginning of the millennium.” Here are 5 long-term renovation trends that would do well in any household.

More Open Space

In new home design, the boundaries between rooms are slowly disappearing, as home-owners are looking to create more open space. The same effect can be had with some smart renovations. Removing non-load bearing walls or opening up entry ways from room to room can give your home that same open-ness. The best place to start? Removing the barrier between your kitchen and your dining room gives you more kitchen space to work with and eases the foot traffic problems in that area.

Private Outdoor Spaces

More and more families are looking to spend warm evenings in their own back yard, and they’re also looking at options to enclose the space to keep the neighbours’ eyes out. Privacy fences and other landscaping features are being added with large decks to allow for entertaining outdoors without any disturbances. If you have kids, adding some playground equipment to a larger backyard also allows for easy child supervision.

Better indoor/outdoor connectivity

More natural light and easier access to the outdoors is definitely something people want to see in their homes. Tubular daylighting systems provide a lot of natural light and patio doors offer easy access to your back yard while still being secure. Putting in a door in your kitchen or dining room that leads to a deck in your backyard is a great way to allow for impromptu dinners outdoors.

Bigger Kitchens

It’s hard to believe in 2013 that in as little as 30 years ago, kitchens were still designed with the thought that only one person would be using the kitchen for cooking meals. Times have changed and cooking has now become a family event. Those u-shaped kitchens of the past just don’t cut it anymore. Better cabinet placement allows for more people to get in on the food preparation and also allows more utility in the kitchen. Entertaining guests or have space for studying or paperwork is more possible with a better kitchen layout.

More Storage

When asked, just about every homeowner will agree that they don’t have enough storage. Whether it’s a linen tower in your bathroom, a pantry in your kitchen, or more shelving in the basement, adding more storage is always a good thing. The kind of storage is important too. Cramming wire racks into the corners of a room were great before, but people are looking for more permanent, natural solutions for storage.

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