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August 2, 2013
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September 4, 2013

Every website, newspaper or magazine that discusses renovations and hiring a contractor insists that you get in touch with at least three contractors to get quotes. What they don’t tell you is how you should proceed to make a decision based on these quotes you receive. So, more often than not, people will get three quotes, and if none of the contractors show any visible signs of lunacy, they’ll go with the guy with the lowest price, thus defeating the purpose of why you sought out three quote to begin with: the best contractor for your project and the best value for your money.

Getting the traditional three quotes might not be the right decision.

Getting a great deal is important, but price isn’t everything. A lot of other factors will also determine what kind of deal a contractor is offering. What quality of products are being used? When will the work be scheduled to get done? Who are the people working on your project and what are their qualifications? Are there other factors that you didn’t take into account, such as, waste removal, warranties, or service calls? Will you be redoing that same work in 5 years? Or in 25? The lowest price is not always the best option.

Treating the quoting process like an interview will lead to better results.

Instead, I suggest taking a different approach. Contact one contractor at a time. Treat it like an interview. Ask all the hard questions. Ask for references. Contact the references and ask them the hard questions over again. If the interview passes the mustard, then start to determine if the price matches up with the work being quoted on. This way, you start to look at value, rather than dollar. Then, when you compare quotes, you can say, “well contractor A might be a little more expensive, but contractor B isn’t using the same quality of products. I’m not even considering contractor C because they didn’t have a single reference.”

Smile. Your renovation just got better.

Does this approach take more time? Yes. Will you get better results? Definitely. Keep in mind that a home renovation is not only the finished product, but the process that gets you there. Even a great kitchen remodel will leave a bad taste in your mouth if that contractor you chose wasn’t the right fit for you. Do yourself a favour and make sure your renovation dollars are going toward the most important things: a quality home remodel and your satisfaction.

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