Reasons To Use MDF Casings Than Wood
March 25, 2014
The Perfect Bird
April 15, 2014

Every kitchen has at least one thing in common after awhile. Most simply don’t work or no longer work for the occupants of the home. So what is the secret to designing the perfect kitchen and do you need help designing your kitchen?

Firstly I think that you have to decide what your lifestyle is and what if anything it is that you wish to change in order to accommodate that lifestyle. That was a mouthful and confusing as all get out, but seriously; you should ask yourself and your family if you are the family that cooks home cooked meals or someone who entertains and uses the kitchen as a showcase for their lifestyle.

Most of us by design, desire or simple default cook at home for a myriad of reasons, all the way from cost effectiveness to healthy conscious cooking and eating. So let’s make“the first important decision”.

Let’s make this kitchen design about you and your “modus operandi”. Does everyone participate in the meal preparation, planning and execution, or is it one chief cook?

How large is the kitchen space and is the space capable of handling all of the wants and needs of a truly great functioning kitchen? If not can we assimilate or use adjacent space from another room to expand the kitchen to the size that we need?

For a highly effective kitchen one needs to maintain the easy flow between the stove, fridge, counter top prep area and sink. Once these are addressed the balance of cabinetry can be placed around these elements without too much difficulty.

Does the primary user of the kitchen require some features that would employ a more accessible kitchen such as pot and pan drawers rather than a door and drawer system. Pot and pan drawers do cost more because of the extra hardware and additional boxes that are needed to be built and are well worth the effort. If cost is a consideration then a drawer and door base cabinet would work for a metal pull out shelf system that could be added at a later date.

At Nord Alta Construction we work with a cabinet designer to flesh out ideas that will work the best for our clients.

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