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May 24, 2014
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If you’re looking to build a fire pit in your backyard in Edmonton this summer, then you’re in luck. All the major home centers have small models that are generally very affordable and if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, there are plenty of options either through retailers or renovation contractors. Before you break out the hot dogs and marshmallows, keep in mind that in the City of Edmonton, you fire pit must meet the standards outlined in the City of Edmonton Community Standards Bylaw.

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Your fire pit must:

– be at least 10 feet from any buildings, property lines, overhead power lines or any other combustibles (trees would be a good example).

– not be more than 2 feet in height.

– not be more than 3 feet in diameter.

– be enclosed on all sides with brick, concrete blocks or heavy-gauge metal.

– must have a mesh screen with openings no larger than ½ inch to prevent sparks from escaping and starting an unwanted fire.

As well, you could be fined if you’re burning anything other than natural gas, dry wood, or charcoal. Burning plastic, rubber, painted wood, or pressure treated wood is not allowed. The fumes could be toxic.

Finally, remember that after 10pm in the City of Edmonton, you have to keep the noise down. Bylaws are in place to keep your neighbourhood quiet in the evenings.

Enjoy that hotdog and marshmallow.

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