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July 23, 2018
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September 4, 2018
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3 ways to add value to your kitchen remodel

Although there are endless combinations in materials, layout, and design of a kitchen, most people tend to stick to the same or similar choices. It’s obvious why, of course. No one wants something that will look odd or dated or just plain wrong, so they stick to certain themes. Have you ever heard of white cabinets with a grey top, grey flooring, and a grey backsplash? Or how about dark cabinets, with a grey top, grey flooring, and a grey backsplash? Now, there is nothing wrong with these choices and we’ve renovated many kitchens with these themes that I would even love to see in my own house. However, I’ve also seen some really neat additions or minor changes that add even more value to your kitchen remodel. Without further ado, here are three unexpected ways to add value to your kitchen remodel without breaking the mold…or the bank.

Go with a unique or interesting backsplash.

3D illusion tiled backsplash in kitchen  A lot of clients really focus on the big three, cabinets, countertop, and flooring, and try to compliment them (or contrast them) so they don’t look too out of place. This often leads to the “grey syndrome” where everything looks the same. One way to add some pizzazz and break up the sameness is to go with an interesting backsplash. The one on the left is probably one of the more eye-catching ones we’ve done, but even adding a colorful accent strip to a field of neutral-colored tiles can add some color to your kitchen without overwhelming it. Just be careful you don’t overdo it. We once did an entire backsplash in a sea-green colored tile for a client that suddenly turned the modern white cabinet clean look into a very nice retro-looking kitchen. The general feeling after the backsplash was installed was “why did we do that?”

Choose some interesting lighting.



Kitchen renovation A good lighting plan will not only give you proper lighting for the various tasks that you’ll perform in your kitchen, but it can also serve to highlight areas of your kitchen that might not otherwise get all the attention. One of our clients picked out a beautiful, smoky grey countertop with different shades of grey in a nice blended pattern. Although the countertop was nice, what really set it off was when the undercabinet lighting was turned on and illuminated the countertop in just the right areas. As well, if you have an island, picking out some unique pendants can really personalize your kitchen and give it some zing, just like the kitchen featured here, on the left.

Go with different choices in materials and textures.

Blanco Vision 210 sink in AnthraciteIf you’re not too sure about diving into the deep end in the color spectrum of your kitchen, another way you can turn heads while baking a cake is by choosing materials that are a little out of the norm. Instead of going with a stainless steel sink, for example, why not look at a granite one? Blanco’s silgranit lineup looks great in just about any kitchen and the sinks are not an expensive upgrade to your renovation. The sinks come in Black, Grey, White, and Coffee colors but they are certainly different enough to take a second glance. This one on the left is a Blanco Vision 210 sink in Anthracite….a fancy word for black.


Of course, if you really want a kitchen that looks unique, there are plenty of options and some of them come with a serious price tag. These three options can give added value to your kitchen remodel without either too many banks or straying too much from today’s trends.