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August 20, 2018
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3 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Kitchen Renos

There is no doubt that a kitchen renovation can be a stressful event. As a renovation contractor, I’ve seen just about the full spectrum of homeowners and families and how they deal with going through an event that greatly alters the zen-like calm of their daily routine. For some people, the big decisions, the small interruptions, and the unexpected situations are nothing more than a small blip on their overall stress level. For others, every part of a kitchen renovation can lead to shortness of breath and a racing heartbeat. Here are three things you can do to keep from feeling over-stressed during a kitchen renovation.

Spend time making a renovation game plan.

In many previous articles I’ve written, I’ve stressed the importance of planning the details of your renovation…things ranging from cabinet material and color to tile backsplash grout color. Equally important is making a game plan to work around the changes that will most certainly happen during the actual renovation process. Although it would seem obvious that you wouldn’t have access to your kitchen sink while rebuilding your kitchen, a common mistake is not figuring out how to wash your dishes (you still have to eat, remember?). One of our clients opted to wash dishes in the bathtub. Another chose to use paper plates. Yet another stuck to eating out as often as he could. Whatever the solution is, it’s better to come up with one before you’re standing there with dirty utensils in your hand wondering where the sink went.

Either be there often or get away from it all.

If you thrive on seeing the inner workings of how your renovation is unfolding, then taking a week-long camping trip in the middle of your kitchen renovation could cause you to have a stress meltdown. Conversely, if seeing a lot of nothing where your cabinets used to put dark storm clouds over your head, maybe a trip to the Bahamas (or your mother-in-law’s house) might be the answer. Keep in mind that either option taken to the extreme doesn’t help either. Hovering over the workers might cause a little tension and never being available might cause timeline disruptions if quick decisions need to be made. Just remember, your contractor is the person you hired to make sure things flow smoothly. You should sit back and relax.

Pick the right contractor for the job.

It’s not always about the money. Although everyone wants to get the most for their hard-earned cash, I always feel that a large part of your decision about who to choose for your project should be based on the other factors: Who will do the best job? Who will you get along with? Who will go all the way to getting you that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? That is the person you should hire to oversee your project. 10 years after the project is complete, you may or may not remember what you spent on it, but you will remember whether or not it was a good experience. Having the right contractor can make the difference between a stress-filled and stress-free experience.