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September 4, 2018
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Ahh…the shower. For some people the shower is simply a place to, well, take a shower. For me, and a lot of other people, a shower is a place where that first blast of hot water wakes you up in the morning to help you get on with the day. Or sometimes, it’s the place where I go to take the ache out of my weary muscles after a hard day at work. Either way, a shower should be a place where you’re comfortable…a place where you look forward to going. Here are a few things that can help turn that shower from a utility closet with water to an oasis of waterfall paradise.

Tile for a splash of personality.

Waterproof Schluter shower kit with 12"x 24" field tile If you’ve ever been into a tile retailer, you’ll note that there are thousands upon thousands of different kinds of tile. Add to that different accent tile and layouts and you can find the perfect look for your shower. Whether you go for a classic white subway tile with a mosaic accent strip or a modern 12″x 24″ field tile in an earthy tone, there are many great ways to give your shower a personal touch.

The other feature that makes a tiled shower very desirable is combining it with a waterproofing system, such as the Schluter shower kit. When the tile is laid in combination with it and done correctly, you don’t see those dark mold stains creeping up in the corner of your shower

This shower features a 12″x 24″ field tile laid vertically and staggered. The floor is tile a 2″x 2″ mosaic tile. Originally, this shower used to be a bathtub, but the homeowner opted to get rid of the tub, due to some physical limitations. However, if a bathtub is not your thing, this shower would look great in any home.

Find the right niche.

accessible shower renovated that featured a white subway tile wall interspersed with some gray subway tilesA tiled shower looks really clean and organized until you start putting your shampoo bottle, conditioner bottle, body wash bottle, shower scrub, razor, and rubber ducky in it. Sure, you COULD buy a plastic shower caddy that sticks to the wall with suction cups to hold these things, and it MIGHT stay on the wall for a little while, but really, they just look like an afterthought. You could also leave the bottles sitting on the floor (which I’ve seen people do) but don’t they get a little scummy from sitting there for a while? Instead, why not opt for a shower niche? Again, as part of the shower waterproofing system, the shower niche is a shelf that fits in between two wall studs in your shower and is tiled over just like the rest of the shower. They do come in different configurations, and different shelving options (some even come with glass shelves). The only catch is that you require the correct stud spacing for the niche itself. The ones commonly available fit between studs that are 16″ on center. I’m sure other sizes may be out there, but they might be special orders or custom builds.

The shower niche on the right was put into another accessible shower that we renovated that featured a white subway tile wall interspersed with some gray subway tiles. Next to the shower niche is a slide bar that holds the shower head at different heights and positions.

Get a bench.

shower made with phenolic resin to prevent mold and rot, shower benches used to be the go-to convenience piece for someone with physical limitationsIf your shower is large enough, a shower bench is a must. Made with phenolic resin to prevent mold and rot, shower benches used to be the go-to convenience piece for someone with physical limitations. Now, however, they are starting to gain popularity with people who would simply like to have a seat and get clean. The benches themselves come in a couple of options in terms of finish but as far as sizing goes, the manufacturer that we deal with can make them in custom sizes…typical sizing being 14.5″ deep and 26″-32″ wide and mounted correctly, can support up to 400 pounds. The really great thing about them is they fold-up against the wall when not in use. If your spouse likes using the seat, but you don’t, it’s not an issue. The shower featured above is a roll-in shower with a wood finish shower bench.

Without a doubt, choosing the right tile and adding features such as the shower niche and bench will give you shower renovation that boosts from a ho-hum shower to a great showering experience.