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Each and every generation goes through the traumatic decision of what to do with an ageing parent who can no longer navigate the inside of their homes, nor safely enter and exit their home. Here we will go through, home renovations for the elderly and funding that’s available. Imagine not being able to even go to the grocery store or the doctor’s office without the assistance of another able bodied person. Ageing in place is supposed to be just that; in the comfort of your own home.

We could put mom or dad into an extended care facility, to help with their daily needs and make sure that they are not alone. Perhaps easier said than done as there is limited resources not only from our own pocket books but the government’s as well. A lot of facilities have long waiting lists for new residences as someone has to literally die in order for your parent to be accepted to reside there, and there is no guarantee that Mom will go and live with Dad.

For years the Federal government had a program for funding called the residential rehabilitation assistance program (RRAP). The RRAP program was cancelled, most likely because it’s mandate had not been updated to meet the needs of today’s elderly. The City of Edmonton has embarked on a funding program called HOPE with their Corner Stones Housing Program. The initiative is to improve housing conditions for qualifying-income households:

  • to improve access to affordable housing.

  • address the ongoing demand for home repair funding.

This program provides up to $ 20,000.00 towards home repairs for qualifying homeowners.

The money can be used for major repairs or disability modifications to your home.

To check out the program take a look at

For your application go to

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