November 6, 2014
Why should I renovate my bathroom?
December 13, 2014
November 6, 2014
Why should I renovate my bathroom?
December 13, 2014

As a contractor who has done quite a few bathrooms, one decision that my clients most often struggle with is paint colour. It’s one of those decisions that I try not to give a lot of input on because I feel that colour is such a personal choice. Everyone’s tastes are different, and the colours I like are probably very different than what you may like. However, it’s important to understand that there are some basic guidelines that you should think about when choosing the paint colour for your bathroom.

Colour guide brochures aren’t always representative of what you’ll get.

Just about every brand of paint has their own brochure that is designed to showcase some great looking rooms with fantastic colours. They’re hoping that you’ll choose their paint and paint colours over the competitor’s brand. What we forget is that those brochure bathrooms have been lit in a way that really makes those colours look great. In other kinds, or intensities of lighting, the paint colour may look different. In a lot of cases, especially because bathrooms are smaller rooms, the paint colour can make your bathroom look dark. This isn’t bad if you’ve got great lighting, but it could make your bathroom feel like a cave if you don’t.

You should be beautiful in your own bathroom.

If you’re a woman, and you do your make-up in the bathroom, remember to consider this when choosing a paint colour. Some colours may make it harder for you apply makeup. If you’re a guy, shaving may also be more challenging in certain room colours. Choose a colour which complements your personal grooming habits in the bathroom.

Trends come and go.

What’s hot in 2014 might not be popular next year (or it might dominate for the next 10 years, who knows). So, don’t feel like you need to stick to something trendy. One way to avoid having a colour in your bathroom that falls out of style is to paint your bathroom a neutral tone. You can then add colour through towels, shower curtains, or other accessories.

Colour can affect people’s moods differently.

Knowing that the City of Edmonton has a long winter with lots of snow and grey skies, I’m not about to paint my bathroom grey. I find it dreary. Other people have no problem with a grey bathroom, thinking it looks modern in style. If a certain colour makes you feel good, consider adding a splash of that colour to your bathroom walls.

Regardless of colour, buy the right paint.

Certain paints are formulated to work well in a bathroom, where moisture levels are usually higher. These paints have mould inhibiting properties and clean up well. They are usually identified as a kitchen and bath paint right on the label.

Just remember that the best colour to paint your bathroom is a colour that you’ll be happy with.

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