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December 3, 2014
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Stepping into your bathroom, you notice that a couple of the tiles are starting to come off the wall and your toilet seems to be running all of the time. The doors on the vanity don’t close as well as they should and the laminate on the counter top is cracked and peeling. Sound familiar? You could just apply a few do-it-yourself band aids to the bathroom, but here a few reasons you should skip the temporary fixes and get your bathroom fully renovated.


Newer products typically perform better

Your old toilet might still be in great shape, but it could be costing you a lot of money with each flush. The same could be said with your shower head and sink taps. Newer models generally use less water and can save you money on your utility bill. Don’t forget other things in your bathroom such as the bath fan. A lot of older models of bath fans sound like a passenger jet is flying overhead when you turn them on whereas a lot of newer ones are quieter and vent better than the old ones.

Those minor problems might not be so minor

Wear and tear in home over time is to be expected, but some minor problems can be symptoms of larger ones. That leaky shower might just be getting the floor wet, or it might be leaking into the walls, causing mould and rot.

You want to enjoy your bathroom

Perhaps the biggest reason for a full bathroom remodel is that you don’t like the current state of your bathroom. Whether you don’t like how it looks or can’t stand how it functions, the best thing to do is to make the changes you need in order to be satisfied with your bathroom. Temporary fixes may solve minor issues in your bathroom, but they won’t bring you lasting results.

Selling your home is in your future

Increasingly, home buyers are looking for turn-key homes; places where they don’t have to do any remodelling when they move in. Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the first place they look when house shopping. If the real estate market is really hot, then your ageing bathroom might not be a big deal, but in a slower market, it could mean having your home sit on the market for longer than you’d like. As well, according to the Remodelling Magazine cost vs value report, bathroom remodels typically have a higher return on investment than other types of remodels, meaning you may be able to command a better price for your home.

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