Tips for a Great Home Renovation
January 3, 2015
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January 17, 2015

Pets are great. As a renovation contractor, there is nothing I like more than meeting someone’s dog or cat (or bird or fish) when meeting with a homeowner for the first time. However, as a renovation contractor, I am also aware that, when the renovation starts, a pet can be easily overwhelmed by the changes in their routine. This can cause a lots of headaches for the homeowner, the contractor and of course, the pet in question. To make things easier, here are some tips to make your renovation more pet-friendly and your pet more renovation-friendly.


Give your pet a vacation

Removing your pet from your home during a renovation is the best option if it is available. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t get injured or lost (a common occurrence with cats when installers are going in and out of the front door). This could mean having the pet stay with family or a neighbour during the day while the work is being done. If a vacation isn’t an option….

Keep the routine

Pets thrive on routine. If that routine gets disrupted, which a renovation will undoubtedly do, they could respond with unusual behaviour, such as going to the bathroom in inappropriate places or displaying aggression. Keeping the food and exercise routines the same will go a long way to keeping your pet stress-free.

Keep your pet comfortable

A lot of homeowners will confine their pet to an area of the home that is not affected by the renovation, such as a bedroom. If you plan to do this, make sure that their bed and favourite toys are there to give them some comfort. As well, turn on some classical music or turn on the TV (Animal Planet is a great choice) to muffle the sound of the work being done. As well, tape a note to the door that let’s installers know there is a pet in the room, in case they accidentally open it.

Plan a trip to the vet

It’s important to get your pet checked out by a vet before the renovation starts to make sure they have a clean bill of health and again if they start to exhibit any behavioural changes. There are materials used in a renovation that pets can be very sensitive to and may cause them to get sick.

With these tips in mind, your renovation won’t be as stressful on your four-legged (or four-finned) family member.