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January 10, 2015
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One of the most important, but often overlooked aspect of a home remodel that should be discussed with your contractor, is clean up. Most major renovations ( and a lot of minor ones as well), will create dust and debris that needs to be addressed. Here are 4 things you should expect your contractor to do to keep your home clean.


Control the dust and debris during construction

It’s important that anyone working in your home during a renovation takes steps to control the amount of dust and debris created. Drop cloths should be used in areas where workers are walking and they should also be placed around areas where demolition is happening. They should be periodically taken outside and shaken out in a garbage receptacle. This alone can eliminate the majority of the dust and small debris that falls on the floor.

If any cutting is being done in the home, additional steps should be taken to ensure that the dust doesn’t migrate to other areas of the home. Doors should be closed, furniture should be covered, and open entryways should be blocked off with drop cloths. Additionally, a vacuum should be run, if possible, while the cutting is taking place (for example, cutting drywall with a reciprocating saw). Of course, most cutting should take place outside of the home, but there are occasional times when something must be cut inside.

Remove garbage and debris as soon as possible

Not only does removing the garbage and debris as soon as it’s created help keep the interior of your home cleaner, but it’s also a safer environment to work in. Smaller items or things that can be recycled (such as cardboard) can be put by your garbage cans for the city to haul away. Other items should be removed from the site by the contractor.

Put the tools and materials away

At the end of the day, any tools should be put away or placed somewhere where they won’t cause any accidents. All tools should be unplugged and cords should be wrapped up. Any materials left over should also be placed where they won’t be a tripping hazard. This also ensures that the materials won’t get damaged.

Sweep/vacuum at the end of each day

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ like leaving a mess at the end of each day. Most renovations only take about 15 minutes to sweep up or vacuum out, so there is no excuse for leaving a messy work area.

If your contractor follows these simple steps, your home will be noticeably less dusty from the work being done. If not, you should have a heart to heart with your contractor. After all, you’re not just paying for the end product, you’re paying for the experience.